Design Stylish Forms Using The Caldera Forms Styler!

Forms are a great medium to have interaction with visitors. It helps collect user information. But sometimes they can be boring and have a basic design. With UAE we are determined to provide all you need to create a more beautiful website and Caldera form styler is one of them.

Caldera form styler provides stunning features like

  • Field style options ( Box & Underline )
  • Easy & 100% customization for Radio & checkbox
  • Different styles for error messages
  • Gradient color / Image background options for submit button

With these cool styling options, you can take your form design to the next level. Check out a demo for the Caldera form styler to see how you can customize your form design. Refer the article from our knowledgebase for some detailed information about the widget.

Hope you like this new widget. Feel free to drop your comments below. See you next time!

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