This was earlier possible with saved templates. But, it’s made a lot easier with just copy and paste! The Cross-Domain Copy Paste feature allows you to easily copy a piece of content designed with Elementor and paste it in the required position on another website. 

  • Right-click on the content
  • UAE Copy it
  • On another website, right-click on the editor
  • And UAE Paste it


All inline color, typography, border, shadow, and other style settings are copied along with the content. This saves all the rework!

This feature comes with the Ultimate Addon for Elementor plugin. You can enable it from the plugin page under Settings > UAE.

No! You can use the Ultimate Addons for Elementor with free Elementor and still have fun copying the content from one website to another 🙂

Yes! We found many users wanted to use the save template feature of Elementor that allowed them to save sections and page templates for future use. This is where you can do that easily without having to save the template and export / import them to another website.

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