Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Version 1.24.3

27 May 2020


  • Login Form – Added filter ‘uael_form_error_string’ to change the error messages string. ( See here )
  • Login Form – Added loader while logging in with social login.
  • Login Form – Added view password option. ( See here )
  • Navigation Menu – Added active color for dropdown and current menu parent. ( See here )
  • User Registration Form – Added filter ‘uael_form_error_string’ to change the error messages string. ( See here )
  • Woo-Categories – Added action hook ‘uael_before_product_loop_start’ before UAE’s products loop starts.
  • Woo-Products – Display quick view & add to cart by default for mobile and tablet for modern skin.
  • Woo-Products – Display quick view by default for mobile and tablet for classic skin.
  • Woo-Products – Added action hook ‘uael_before_product_loop_start’ before UAE’s products loop starts.


  • Hotspot – Hover marker not clickable on iOS mobile.
  • Navigation Menu – Open in new tab not working for WordPress menu links.
  • Table – HTML not rendering inside CSV file.

Version 1.24.2

4 May 2020
  • Security Improvement : Since this release contains a security fix, please update UAE to the version 1.24.2 as soon as possible.

Version 1.24.1

28 Apr 2020


  • Hardened the security of the plugin.
  • How-to Schema – Added rich-text editor for Description. ( See here )


  • Cross-Site Copy Paste – Fixed the conflict with the Rank Math plugin.
  • Cross-Site Copy Paste – Fixed the conflict with Happy Addons Live Copy.
  • Countdown Timer – Recurring timer digits not visible on iOS.
  • Countdown Timer – Responsive support styling issue on iOS.
  • Gravity Forms Styler – Datepicker field not working on frontend.
  • How-to Schema – Handled the uncategorized errors in description.
  • How-to Schema – WPML support to steps repeater field.
  • Image Gallery – Undefined index ‘url’ error with ACF Pro Gallery field.
  • Info Box – Complete box link not working with Elementor Popup.
  • Posts – Pages are being created even when pagination is disabled.
  • Login Form – Redirection not working after hiding the custom form.
  • Woo-Products – Carousel arrow icon not visible in some cases.

Version 1.24.0

2 Apr 2020


  • Introduced Cross-Site Copy Paste feature. This will help you replicate Elementor sections on multiple websites with just a few clicks. Visit here for more information.


  • Navigation Menu – Changed the tablet breakpoint to 1024 in order to support iPad Pro.


  • Caldera Form Styler – Form fields CSS files not getting enqueued.
  • Info Box – Elementor Pro popup not working with the infobox.
  • Navigation Menu – Theme style link typography overriding menu link typography.

Version 1.23.1

12 Mar 2020


  • Business Reviews – Added a filter ‘uael_business_reviews_read_more’ to change the read more link.
  • FAQ – Added rich-text editor for content. ( See here )
  • Gravity Form Styler – Added WPML support to custom title and description.
  • Woo – Categories – Added category filter label on a separate line. ( See here )


  • Info Box – Empty array notice with PHP v7.4 and above.
  • Hotspot – Fixed the RTL positioning issue of the marker.
  • Hotspot – Tooltip set to display on hover not clickable on mobile.
  • Marketing Button – Fixed link break issue with the flare animation.
  • Price List – Title class mismatch in preview and render function until link complete box is not enabled.
  • Timeline – Shortcode not working inside the input fields.
  • Woo – Products – Column padding issue on mobile.
  • WPForms Styler – Success message style not working.


  • Posts – ‘Media’ post type.

Version 1.23.0

18 Feb 2020


  • Introducing How-to Schema widget that allows creating How-to pages or articles. And on top of it, you will have Schema Markup added to the page, without a single line of code. Visit here for more information.


  • Marketing button – Added ‘Flare Animation’ option. ( See here )
  • Table – Increased the heading and cell row span limit to ’25’.


  • Advanced Heading – Icon with separator not moving with alignment.
  • Gravity Form Styler – ‘Select’ icon alignment issue with Hello Elementor theme.
  • Image Gallery – Category name issue when responsive support is enabled.
  • Info-box – RTL Alignment fix.
  • Login Form – The logged-in notice is not translatable.
  • Navigation Menu – Menu items on mobile are not clickable.
  • Video – Default youtube play icon not displaying.
  • Video – Sticky video margin array empty notice with PHP v7.4.
  • Woo – Add To Cart – Before/after icon alignment issue.

Version 1.22.1

6 Feb 2020


  • Hardened the security of the plugin.
  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress PHP_CodeSniffer rules.
  • Elementor v2.9 compatibility.


  • Particle Backgrounds – Load JS on pages built with Elementor.


23 Jan 2020


  • Particle Backgrounds – JS conflict on Elementor archive templates.

Version 1.22.0

22 Jan 2020

Important Security Update: Update Now!

A security researcher privately reported a bug about cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. Our team immediately took action, and provided the required patch within 2 hours, releasing the update on the same day after thorough validation.

Users don’t need to panic. We haven’t heard of any exploit attempts using this vulnerability. However, we strongly recommend all our users to update Ultimate Addons for Elementor as soon as possible.

We take security very seriously and put in continuous efforts to keep our products safe, secure and reliable.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor version 1.22.0 has no known security vulnerabilities. And it is recommended that you update it now!


  • Introducing the FAQ widget with schema support which will allow you to create FAQs with just a few clicks and display it as Accordion or even with a Grid Layout!. Visit here for more information.


  • Woo – Products – Added option to set sale price color. ( See here )
  • Woo – Products – Added option for spacing between the add to cart button and view cart text. ( See here )
  • Optimized number of function calls in the Elementor editor.
  • Optimized number of queries executed on the admin page.


  • Info Box – Icon alignment issue with circle background style.
  • Navigation Menu – Added RTL support to the template positions and widths.
  • Navigation Menu – Expanded layout not clickable after page reload.
  • Particle Backgrounds – JS not loading on archive pages designed with Elementor.
  • Registration Form – Icons Manager class issue if Elementor is not updated.