Engage Your Audience With Sticky Videos on Page Scroll!

Facebook recently introduced a feature where the video sticks around when you scroll down the timeline. Interesting! Right? This can be implemented on your website too!?

Videos are visual content that enhances the look and feel of your website. With the Ultimate Addons for Elementor, we’ve alredy introduced an optimized method to display videos without affecting the page load speed.

Taking a step further we are providing you the option to make this video sticky for better viewability. A sticky video will pin the video across the edges of the browser. It gives visitors the ability to read a full page while viewing the video simultaneously.

Have a look at how this stunning feature works –

Amazing, isn’t it? ? I am so excited with this feature as it adds a kick to boost your conversions. We are giving the following options to let you have complete control over the sticky video display –

  • Different alignments for sticky video across the edges
  • Add a background for the video and manage its spacing and style
  • Info bar to display the description of the video
  • Responsive support
  • Close button customizations
  • Drag sticky video across the window in the frontend

Conveying your marketing message has now become easier and interesting! 🙂 You can keep your video playing in the viewport while users scroll down the page.

While using this feature you don’t have to worry about the video overlapping the other content on your page. We are providing an option to drag and move the sticky video in the frontend. A user can move the sticky video across the edges by clicking on it and adjusting its position in order to read the content below it.

Hope you like this amazing feature! Read more about the Sticky Video in our knowledge base article. And, do not miss the stunning demo we have for you!

Do let us know how excited you feel with this feature. Drop your comments below or simply write to us. ✌️

Cheers! ?

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