Introducing YouTube Subscribe Bar for Videos

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while since we’ve been focused on making it easier and thoughtful for users to be able to show videos on their website without affecting the speed. Just a couple of updates ago, we released the Video Widget and a Video Gallery for Elementor. I am sure you must be loving the performance and the way it drastically reduces the page load as compared to a page on which you embed it directly.

You have already reduced the page load time with the Video widget – Now, you can increase your YouTube subscribers! 😉

Well! To make this widget even more amazing we are introducing a YouTube Subscribe Bar that can be added with the video. As the name suggests it adds a YouTube Subscribe Bar below the YouTube videos displayed on your website.

It allows you to connect your YouTube Channel with the name or ID and gives you a total customization control. You do not need to worry about the responsive view, as the widget manages that as well. For detailed information, you can take a look at an article from our knowledge base.

In the Closing…

We know that videos are an interactive medium and they engage website visitors quite well. Therefore, we’ve picked some main concerns of why people needed to think 10 times before sharing a video on their webpage and brought out a solution for them. You can now display an optimized video and boost your YouTube subscribers with these amazing options.

In the upcoming updates, we will be bringing in a Caldera Form Styler and some more interesting things that we’ve been working on. I am sure you are going to love them too!

Until then, display awesome videos and attract users to subscribe for some more awesome videos you plan to offer. 🙂

Have any further queries, ideas or suggestions? Please feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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