• Technical tutorials
  • DIY articles and tutorials
  • Anything that instructs users to achieve a particular goal
For things like DIY tutorials, you might need fields like required time, estimated cost, required material, etc. All of these come with this trendy widget.

The How-to Schema widget follows the latest Google guidelines and uses JSON-LD technology. It increases the chances to display a rich snippet that not only ranks well but attracts more readers to open the link and refer to your article. Ultimately, boosting your ranking, click-through rate and the website traffic!

The How-to Schema widget works like any other Elementor widget. Here are 3 easy steps you need to follow –

  • Drag and drop the widget on page
  • Enter the required information such as the requirements, estimated cost, step-by-step instructions, etc.
  • Publish!

You can refer to the article here to know more about the How-to Schema widget in UAE.

No, the How-to Schema widget adds the HowTo schema markup automatically to this page.

Yes, you can add images to each step in the procedure. These too may become a part of the rich snippet you see in search results.

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