Introducing UAEL Version 1.1.0 with Form Stylers, Google Maps and more


Its Summer in this part of the world! The temperature is rising all around us. But, we are all cool! The excitement to present another set of unique Elementor widgets is not letting the heat get on to our nerves. 😉

Yes! I am here to announce the first official update of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor!

The earlier version introduced 8 widgets that have been loved and appreciated by many. With intense planning and development, we’ve worked on a few more exciting widgets that are now available in the Ultimate Addons for Elementor version 1.1.0. Well, and most of these were asked for. 😀

Without any further ado, let us quickly take a look at the main highlights of this update.

Form styling was something that was deeply discussed and awaited! So, we have the Contact Form 7 and Gravity Form Styler ready to go live!

The Contact Form 7 Styler

Contact Form 7 is a widely used plugin for creating contact forms on websites. Styling these to match your website design can be a pain! The Contact Form 7 Styler of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor adds several styling options that allow you to create stylish forms that compliment the overall look and feel of your website. Take a quick look at some amazing contact forms in our demos.

The Gravity Form Styler

Like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms is also a widely used plugin on various websites. We present to you the Gravity Form Styler widget for those who prefer to use this plugin for their forms. This widget gives you a number of styling options that you can use to beautify the form on your website and make it look good and appealing. You can peep into some Gravity forms beautified using the Gravity Form Styler widget.

Google Maps Widget

Again, a widget that many were waiting for. This is an advanced Google Maps widget that allows you to display a Google map on your website, select the type, a filter, add multiple markers and a lot more.

The Google Maps Widget can be used on your contact page to mark all areas you serve or highlight your headquarters for the users to know. Take a look at a few examples of using the Google Maps widget.

Business Hours Widget

Business hours help people know when to contact you or the time you are available for service. Therefore, adding business hours on your website is a good idea!

The Business Hours widget of UAEL gives you a number of options and features to display an attractive business hours section on your website. You can customize and beautify this to match your design needs. Take a look at some beautiful demos created using the business hours widget.

Can’t wait to use them, right? I too couldn’t hold back playing with these new widgets. You’ll get an update notification in your WordPress backend, after which you can update the Ultimate Addons for Elementor to version 1.1.0 and begin using these widgets. Didn’t get a notification yet? Please make sure you have activated your license.

What’s more?

Well, like we’ve mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning and we have a lot more planned. We have some amazing widgets like the most used call-to-action, pricing table, image gallery and more along with some exciting WooCommerce widgets too! You can take a quick look at the public roadmap.

In the Closing!

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor has brought in a lot of excitement at our workplace ever since it was first thought about. The encouragement and ideas we received from you has taken us further into planning and implementing some exciting things you’ll see in the coming days! 😉

This is one reason why we are determined to make it better day by day. You can look forward to a lot more in the days to come!

And, now that you know how important your suggestions are, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below or simply get in touch with us!

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