Video Widget

UAEL’s Video Widget use an innovative optimization technique. It provides a smart way for embedding YouTube, Vimeo videos to your page without sacrificing page speed.

Following key features makes the widget unique –

  • Loading Time Optimization – Widget embeds the thumbnail image of the YouTube/ Vimeo video instead of the actual video.
  • Custom Thumbnail Image – Set a nice thumbnail image for video with overlay color.
  • Play Button Customizations ( Supports Image, Icon, Hover Effects ) – Set icon or image as a play button with hover animations.

Here is a comparison between page speed – Embedding video with Traditional way vs Embedding video with UAEL’s Video Widget.

The widget allows embedding video from YouTube and Vimeo. Before getting started, make sure to enable widget from UAEL settings. (?)

Video Options For YouTube video

  • Autoplay: Video will play automatically on the page load.
  • Related Videos From: It has two options – Current Video Channel and Any Random Video. Current Video Channel will display related videos from the same YouTube channel. Any Random Video will display random videos on the basis of public favorite videos. Note that suggested videos cannot be turned off completely.
  • Player Control: Choose whether to display controls like play, pause, volume controls, full screen and more.
  • Mute: Allows muting the video.
  • Modest Branding:  Prevent the YouTube logo from displaying in the control bar.
  • Privacy Mode: This prevents YouTube to store the visitor’s information on your website unless they play the video.

Video Options For Vimeo video

  • Autoplay: Video will play automatically on the page load.
  • Loop: Choose a video to play continuously in a loop. The video will automatically start again after reaching the end.
  • Intro Title: Displays title of the video.
  • Intro Portrait: Displays the author’s profile image.
  • Intro Byline: Displays the author’s name of the video.
  • Controls Color: Set color for the video player controls. (?)

How to set thumbnail image for video?

You can set a nice thumbnail image for the video that will display before playing a video.

The setting can be found under Content (tab) > Thumbnail & Overlay.

Turn the Custom Thumbnail option ON. Set an Image and adjust the Overlay Color.

How to style Play Button?

The setting can be found under Content (tab) > Play Button. 

Play Button can be set as Image or Icon.

For Image 

  • Choose an appropriate image from the Media Libary.
  • Hover Animation option adds a cool look to the play button.

For Icon 

  • Select an icon from the drop down
  • You can set a normal and hover color, text shadow for the icon.
  • Hover Animation option is available under HOVER tab.

Set specific play time for video

The widget allows entering –

  • Start and End time for YouTube video
  • Start time for Vimeo video

When a user clicks to play the video, it will start playing from the defined start time and will stop at the defined end time.


1. To embed videos, enter a full link for the video.
For example,

For YouTube video
✔️ Valid link:
✖️ Invalid link:

For Vimeo video
✔️ Valid Link:
✖️ Invalid Link:

2. After adding another widget, to edit the Video Widget again, click on the pencil icon in the right upper corner. (?)

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