Justified Image Gallery

With UAE version 1.7.3 and above, Justified option for Image Gallery is available in predefined layouts. This layout arranges images accordingly and displays them in a neat gallery.

Under Content (tab) > Gallery > Layout choose Justified.  Add images to the gallery.

Additional options are available under  Grid / Masonry / Justified tab.

  • Row Height: All images will be resized and arranged in rows. These rows will have the same height. You can manage the height of rows with this option.
  • Last Row Layout: Sometimes very few images come to the last row that may not look good. Set this setting to manage last row images. Justify option will cover the entire row while Hide option will hide last row images.

Note: If you have enabled a Filterable Gallery for justified layout, and not able to see images under filterable tabs. Then check if Last Row Layout option for justified image gallery is set to hide. Change it to Justify to display images under filterable tabs.

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