Business Reviews Widget

This widget will help to display Google Places and Yelp reviews with Elementor. Google and Yelp reviews can be shown separately or you can mix it up. Further, you can completely customize the review box to suit your website design.

Here are key features for powerful Business Reviews widget –

  • Supports Google Places& Yelp Reviews
  • Inbuild Schema Type – Place / Organization / Service to boost your site SEO
  • Prebuilt Skins – Box (default) / Card / Bubble
  • Grid & Carousel Layout for review boxes
  • Display Reviewer Info – Image and Name
  • Filter reviews by – Rating/ Review Date
  • Star rating style – Default / Custom
  • Review box style and spacing controls

Select your business and display reviews

To display Google Places and/or Yelp reviews you would need to add ID for your business. It will help widget to connect to your business and fetch reviews. Under General > Review Source, choose if you wish to display Google and/or Yelp reviews.

For Google reviews

  • Get the Google Place API key. See how to get this.
  • Search your business on Google Map and get the Google Place ID. See how to get Google Place ID.
  • Note: Maximum 5 Google reviews can be displayed (Content > Layout > Reviews to Show). Read why?

For Yelp reviews

  • Get the Yelp API Key. See how this can be done.
  • Now copy the Yelp Business ID and add it to the widget. See how to get this.
  • Note: Maximum 3 Yelp reviews can be displayed (Content > Layout > Reviews to Show). Read why?

Prebuilt Skins and Layouts

Widget offers ready-made clean layouts and styles for reviews.

  • Skin ( Content > General > Skin ): This arranges review meta information like date, ratings, reviewer image, name, etc. in different positions. So that you can display review as card, bubble or default box.
  • Grid & Carousel Layout ( Content > Layout > Select Layout ): This will set all reviews in the grid or carousel (slider) layout. Layout tab also offers a setting for a number of Reviews to Show. Select the number of Google (maximum 5) and Yelp (maximum 3) reviews to display.

Review Details

Different tabs offer settings to manage review as follows –

  • Filters
    • Filter reviews by – date or rating
    • Minimum Rating – Choose to display reviews above a particular star rating. For example, choosing 3 stars will display reviews with 3 stars and above.
  • Rating – Choose to display star ratings
    • Star Icon Style – Choose to display a default star style or customize it.
  • Review Text – This gives control over the text of the review. You can choose the Text Length for review.

Reviewer Information

You can hide/display information of the people who wrote a review for your business. Under Content > Reviewer Info, select to hide/display name and image (profile picture) of the reviewer.

Inbuild Schema Type

The widget allows adding rating property in page schema markup. This structured data snippets can appear on search engine results. From the schema support tab, enable Rating Schema and choose the schema type. Read more here.

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